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Portrait of Stefanie Morosi Ditchburn My name is Stefanie Morosi Ditchburn, and I am a Civil Celebrant, authorised by the Attorney-General's Department to perform marriages anywhere in Australia. In addition to the required Civil Marriage Celebrant course I undertook, I have also been mentored by Junie Morosi, one of the original Civil Marriage Celebrants appointed by the then Attorney-General, Lionel Murphy, over thirty (30) years ago. Since beginning my career as a celebrant in 2005, I have solemnized hundreds of marriages. Based in Canberra, I primarily service the ACT and NSW.

I am bilingual, fluent in both English and German. If you're looking for a German or English/German ceremony, I have successfully performed a number of such ceremonies in the past and would be happy to discuss this option with you.

Being married myself for many years, I am highly sensitive to the support and assistance required for these kinds of rituals to be experienced as sacred ceremonies.

As a Civil Celebrant, I also conduct Commitment Ceremonies, Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows, Namegivings, Funerals, and all other Rites of Passage Ceremonies. These are wonderful opportunities for me to share with you, your friends and families, the celebration of the significant milestones of your lives.

"The essence of ritual is that something done in the physical realm is related to the higher worlds. This may be a simple gesture of the hand or an elaborate ceremony. It can be working consciously in everyday life, so that quite mundane actions become full of meaning, or a carefully designed ritual acted out for a specific occasion…. Ritual is the mode of formalizing action and giving it not only meaning, but creating a contact with other worlds."

- Helivi, School of Kabbalah

"Rituals are an expression of the human need to belong, to be part of a group."

- Fritz Perls

Traditionally, the spoken word, an oath, a vow, a blessing, the plighting of troth, is more than just a promise. There is magic in the uttering of words, potent and powerful - they are a directive to the unconscious mind, and shape what comes into being in our lives.

Photo © Hilary Wardhaugh Photography Any emotion, which in its raw and unaltered form is too intense to be controlled by will alone, can be mediated by ritual. Without ritual, such energies may inundate the ego and bring about obsessive behaviour. Ritual and ceremony help bring about control of intensity, containment and acceptance. It is possible that today's high incidence of mental illness may arise partly, because an increasing number of individuals are forced to deal with their transitions alone, and with no knowledge of ritual. As individuals, we need the relatedness of true community to provide balance and healing. The need to reclaim our knowledge and practice of ritual and sacred ceremony is central to the increased awareness and balanced unification required to achieve harmony in ourselves and our relationships.

The overwhelming majority of couples today, choose to use the services of a civil celebrant to conduct their marriage ceremonies. We also provide an increasing number of all funeral ceremonies, and most, of all other rites of passage ceremonies. I believe this is because of the uniquely personal ceremonies we are able to create and deliver, recognizing the centrality of the empowerment of people, choosing consciously, the words they speak in ceremony.

It is in this spirit that I offer you, my guidance, support and assistance, for your "Day of Choice."

At the culmination of your ceremony, I will present you with a beautiful copy of your selected wording, printed on quality paper.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.