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Rites of passage

"In fairytales, the movement toward wholeness – often symbolized by a quest for prince, princess, or treasure – is constellated by the lack of something in the kingdom. Similarly, in any human society, a new archetypal pattern will be constellated in the collective unconscious to compensate for what is missing in the consciousness of the collective."

- Marion Woodman

Our personal and cultural myths may unconsciously guide us, but can offer little emotional support unless we can consciously express what they symbolize. Myth and ritual are a guide and a support to individuals from birth to death, and through the difficult passages of human life. Its purpose is to bring the individual to a state of wonder at the mystery of it all - from the universal level to the personal level.

Ceremonies nourish the soul and offer us a time to pause, to reflect, and to be inspired. Whether it is a new pregnancy, new home or job, significant birthdays, citizenship, graduation, forgiveness, end of marriage, farewelling loved ones, honouring an elder with a "This Is Your Life" birthday, or any other transition, ceremony and ritual can be a powerful opportunity to join with others, gathering energy to express joy or grief, reach acceptance, and embrace the ability to move forward in our lives. Ritualized in ceremony, these "stepping stones" in our lives become powerful tools to assist us to integrate, as we travel the path of life with all its inherent experiences, achievements and losses.

When traditional ceremonies no longer hold the sacred, it becomes necessary for people to expand and deepen existing ritual, or create new ones that clearly address the issues of the time.

Conducting a Rite Of Passage Ceremony may appear intimidating to some of us – most of our traditional rites of passage have disappeared from our frenzied society, along with the support and inspiration such rituals offered. It is my pleasure to be able to advise, guide and assist you, to create a personal and meaningful ceremony for whatever occasion you wish to ritualize. It is my belief that sacred ceremony and ritual can give us access to timeless wisdom and facilitates the attainment of the sense that all beings are of value, in and of themselves.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.